The North-East Permaculture Seed Bank seeks to make plant varieties useful to sustainable alternative agriculture more accessible to anyone who wishes to grow them. It also seeks to popularize (or re-popularize) new or unusual plant varieties.
How it Works:
I  keep a collection of seeds at my house and keep a running tally of available seeds on the this page (see below). People donate seeds (by mail) or money (by mail or paypal) in order in gain access to other seeds in the bank, when you make a  donation be sure to let me know your email address so i could keep track of how much credit any you  have to use, then when you want to make a seed request send me an email from that address. For now, donations and request will be accepted at anytime, if  the seed bank really takes off i might close requests until the growing season is done and i have more time.
The Seed Bank runs entirely on donations. In order to obtain seeds you must have points. A seed set is valued at a certain point value depending on the species and how many are available. Most seeds would cost 1pt.
Points are earned by:
  • Donating Seeds (donate 1 variety = 1pt)
  • Money Exchange ($1=1pt), money can come mail or paypal to rustic_live@yahoo.com (make sure you say its for seed bank points)
To donate seeds simply mail them and a note say they are for the seed bank to:
Aaron Parker
547 Blackstrap Rd
Falmouth, ME 04105
To request seeds either include your request with your donated seeds or paypal donation OR email me at  rustic_live(at)yahoo.com  from the email address that was included in a previous donation.
If people use money to get points there should be enough money in the seed bank jar so shipping will be free, but to begin i would ask people to send me a self-addressed stamp bubble envelope or paypal me $1 for shipping. International shipping is extra, $3 USD total
Wish List:
Below the seed list is the wish list, these are varieties that seed bank users would like to have in the bank. The number in the last column is how many people have requested it. Please email me at rustic_live@yahoo.com to make requests.
  • 1 seed pack per month per species.
  • If a seed name is in green there is a lot of that variety and it is closed to donation.
  • Seeds for perennials should be hardy to USDA Zone 6 or colder, Annuals should be able to set viable seed in zone 6 or colder.
  • While the focus of of this seed bank is North Eastern North America (New York, New England, Qubec & Canadian Maritimes) and all seeds should be suitable to be grown or at least experimented with in this region, donations and requests will be accepted worldwide.